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Princess Diana
Obviously, this is a community dedicated to the memory of our Queen of ♥, known by such titles as the Princess of Wales, Lady Diana Spencer, Duch, or just simply Di.

Anybody is welcome to join and almost everything goes... but please keep in mind that this is a group for supporters of Diana. Constructive criticism is welcome to a point, but if you have anything downright negative, tasteless, or abusive to say we're not interested... you will be deleted. (This especially goes for crass commentaries on Diana's love life- which in my personal belief was her own business and no one else's.)

Why this group? Well, I've been an avid Diana fan since I can remember, and (like many the world over) it broke my heart when she died. I still think of the world as a somewhat sadder place now that she's gone, and I seek out the company of those who remember what a wonderful and vibrant bright spot she was in our world.
In other words, to try and remember everything she did in the short time she was here: Her numerous charities (only a few of which can I list under 'interests'), the raising of her two boys, her devotion to those the world over, and such.

I wasn't one of the lucky ones who got to meet Diana in person. However, during my 3 month stay in England this past year- 2003- I did have the opportunity to meet her brother Charles and his family at the family estate (while it was open to the public, of course).

Although Charles is quite a controversal figure, I must say that he's rather gracious and polite in person.

So whether you have pictures to share (esp. LJ icons), a question you want answered, or if you're even one of the lucky few to have met this incredible woman... please join this group and become involved!

(Also, if anyone would like to take over control of this group I'll surrender it post-haste... I don't plan on updating often, and I'd rather it be in the hands of a Diana lover with a talent for LJing, lol. Just so long as I get to be a member! :-))

Credit of the beautiful wallpaper goes to http://www.princess-diana.co.uk/. I urge you to check out their site! And credit of the icon goes to me... Rachel!