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Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, breaks leg while walking

I came across the following news story:

* By staff writers
* From: NewsCore
* April 09, 2010 2:44AM

PRINCE Charles' wife, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, has broken her left leg while hillwalking in Scotland, a spokeswoman for the Royal Family said.

Camilla suffered a twisted fracture of her left fibula when she slipped while outdoors on Wednesday.

The break has now been confirmed by an X-ray.

A spokeswoman for the Royal Family said doctors have advised her not to put any weight on her leg.

But she intends to carry out all her official engagements, which are scheduled for the end of the month.

Camilla has been staying at Birkhall, the Prince Charles' private home on the Queen's Balmoral estate.

As to the stories that the old bat [Camilla] is dying, I can't verify, but I do predict that if it IS true, there will be an immense attendance at her funeral. As Red Skelton was quoted to have said at a widely disliked movie magnate's funeral: "You give the people what they want, and they'll always turn out."
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