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You absolutely have to watch this!!!

It's a documentation about Lady Diana from her engagement to Prince Charles until her death

A great Thank you to MrHowzTrix who uploaded this documentation on youtube
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This is how I will be spending my study breaks. Thanks for posting!
You're welcome!
Good luck and much fun with your study!
That was awesome; thank you!

It made me remember how much the royal family resented Diana's popularity and her ability to cast them utterly into the shade. More than ever I'm convinced that someone let it be known that she would no longer be tolerated, and that her death would be considered an acceptable way of getting people to shut up about her and forget her.

Were they ever fooled. She will never be forgotten, not even after all of the ruthless, jealous, petty royals (and that scag Camilla) are only a layer of mold inside their own coffins. May everyone, who was even the slightest bit complicit in her murder, die in agony after being exposed for the remorseless killers they are. That includes the character assassins, despicable slime that they are, who appeared in this series pretending to be sympathetic to Diana's plight but who were actually sucking up to the Palace full force.

God bless Diana.
I'm glad you like it and thanks for your comment!

It's sad that the royal family wanted to get rid of her, because with her help in the early years, the royals got more popular. She did great things to help the people.

I found it also very sad that really noone but Prince Charles and his sons were sad about her death. I was mad with Charles because he didn't treat her well, but in the end, they respected each other and liked each other again and you could see in his face that he felt sorry for his former wife.

But I think the biggest problem was that she opposed the Queen. The Queen didn't want her to meet with the sick people and that she talked about her life within the Palace and all the problems was not to her majesty's pleasure.

But therefore, I respect her the most. She fought against the Windsors, her bulimia and wanted to find her luck and the love she deserved.

Diana will always be remembered as a beautiful woman full of grace and love for everyone in the world.
After watching this series, I also watched one ( that added another reason for her assassination: she was planning to speak up in defense of Islam in general, and the Palestinians in particular.

In light of her success with focusing media attention on land mines, and opposing them, it seems quite feasible that the shadow world of MI5, CIA, Mossad, etc., decided to neutralize the "threat" Diana posed to their nasty little black-ops empire, and I suspect the Queen would have approved wholeheartedly. First, because the Queen's part of the Hanoverian dynasty that's profited so outrageously by all the terror and murder that has been perpetrated in their interest over the centuries; she wouldn't want that publicized, but also she would have been pleased because she hated Diana personally. That must have made it very sweet indeed for her.

I'm not so sure that Charles was as sad about her death as he let on for the boys' sake. There is an audio recording somewhere of Diana saying that Charles threatened her that one day she would die of a "head wound" from a car "accident," and nobody would ever be able to prove she'd been murdered. The first time I heard about that, it gave me a cold feeling.

They're a bunch of egotistical, greedy murderers when all is said and done.
Oh my God! Charles really threatened her??!! How awful of him, he wished the mother of his sons to die!! But all the people who did or do bad things and don't regret them will pay their price on day!

Hopefully, they won't treat Kate this way but I think Kate is different from Diana and the Queen likes her. But since I'm not british I can hardly judge it.

I think that the royal family has some things that they wouldn't like to show up in public but it's not fair to trick the people and lie to them.

By the way, I want to thank for your long answers. I think our conversation is very nice and I'm glad that this community isn't dead at all.

nice greetings from Vienna, Austria


Lady Tiko
The story, if I remember it right, is that Diana's ex-butler has the original recording. If he's got as much sense as i hope he has, he'll have stashed it somewhere very safe.

I'm not British either (American), but Kate's from a family of savvy business people, and I don't think she was emotionally abused and neglected the way Diana was; she appears far more tough and pragmatic. Also, William isn't the kind of man his father is. He seems more "real."

Diana was so sweet, and so needy, the royals mistook her for a dummy/doormat. By the time they realized how wrong they were about that, things had gotten to such a pass that they felt justified in killing her to wipe the slate clean and start over.

Murder is apparently the preferred answer to everything, for people who love power. I suppose in ordinary circumstances it works very well for the evil, inbred morons.

Thank you for being so kind about my long rants. =) This is a good community, and I'm not going to forget Diana, so I'm happy that there's still activity here.