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OMG. I don't know if very many Diana aficionados will see this, but I need a place to VENT. With the death of Bin Laden (WOO HOO) I had a bunch of Diana documentaries stored up on my DVR that they had been playing for the Royal Wedding. How do I put this delicately.... IF I SEE INGRID SEWARD'S FUGLY MUG OR HEAR HER VOICE ONE MORE TIME I THINK I'LL SCREAM. She is nothing but an anti-Diana hatemonger ON THE QUEEN'S PAYROLL. Seriously, why does she keep getting interviewed? I remember the bliss of not knowing who she was when I lived in London and not knowing any better I bought her (laughably called) book "The Queen and Di" from Harrods. I tried reading five pages and chucked it across the full-length of my flat (much to my roommate's amusement). WHAT IS WRONG WITH HER? 14 YEARS AFTER DIANA'S DEATH AND SHE'S STILL DOING IT. It's very easy to slam the dead now, isn't it? I would think she would be as tired having her nose up certain bums as I am hearing it. GO AWAY AND LEAVE MY DIANA ALONE.
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